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Does the Imagination Exist


There are two minds –

That of the imaginary and that of the constant, the unfathomable.

The imaginary –

The imagination allows the self to dream, to act, to take, to bring and is the Source of learning for an earthly life.

It is the self that interprets and misinterprets.

Thoughts, dreams, visions, imaginations can be fathomed.
The unfathomable cannot be seduced by thoughts or interpreted by words.

The imagination teaches you to respond, to dream, to fly. It is here, that the self is found in proportion to what it knows and feels.

It tastes the beginnings of the life before knowing.

The imagination doesn’t seal anything – it acts as a go between in life and death.

Death only comes when the experiences of the nothingness shows itself. It is separate from an earthly life.

Imagination gives you many levels to access within the diverse self – it opens doors when they are seemingly closed.

Do not set yourself above what you do.
Before you go further away you first must travel back – to revisit what needs sorting.

A process which is forever present. – no locks, no bars. Open doors through and through.