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Created Ilusion


The further you go the less you know.

All roads eventually lead to the same place but it is how you see it that makes it so.

» The wind blows and you feel its presence.
» The sun shines and you feel its heat.
» The rain falls and you get wet.

As you become one with the flow of the universe you also become part and parcel of the whole.
As you come under the umbrella of the universe and all its diversity, you also become part of the illusion that gives you comfort of all things earthly.

» The illusion that you create is to show you the how, when and the why.
» The illusion is there to give you answers, if you so choose.
» The illusion puts at stake the very existence that sustains you, that feeds you, that eludes you.

The illusion is created so you can go further into the reality that surrounds you, that is part of you, which is in essence you.

You have created a framework, which slips comfortably into a box.
That box contains all your lives, all your history and all your goals.
You choose to work within a framework that gives you comfortable answers.
It's easy to believe that what you do is safe and sound, is secure.
It's easy to think that what you want to believe in is outside of you, is not part of you, and is foreign to you.

Do you think by seeing the universe as them and us, that this will put distance between the illusion and the reality?

Do you think it will make it safe to explore the unknown because it is something not created but recreated by the thoughts of people, who go in search of something that is safe because it really doesn't exist.
Well, at least not the way you think.

Reach out your hands to one another and stare into each other's eyes.
What form is standing in front of you?
Is this form an acceptable form because this is what you have been told is acceptable?
Does this form come into your perception of what you think is acceptable?

If you had the eyes to see you would see a form standing in front of you that contains everything that you ever were.
It would be an alien form, an energy form, a being who has given you life.

The human being that you are, is a created illusion it gives you what is acceptable.
It creates its own illusions and gives you what you want to see.

Look past your illusion to the being you are and recognize the instrument that you are.
You all carry past indoctrinations that leave you out on a limb.
You are being given an opportunity to look further, to go further so you will know.

This is so