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Cause and Effect
 Cause and Effect – Action, Reaction. 

A direct result caused by a subjective action!

When a living soul, be it singular or collective, makes choices which give the desired outcome for soul growth or otherwise.

A being who chooses it’s life path by making subjective choices, will ultimately be given a choice whereby the the decision will be a direct objective.

What brings about the Cause?

To live out all your lives in a way, which will be the sum total of your existence.

» A cause gives you your reasons for your choices.
» A cause will be subject to others ‘effects’.

To be given a cause, gives you the reason to ‘act out’, to put into place what will be delivered back to you.
A ‘cause’ sets up ‘outcomes’, which will impact in a 360 degree radius, like waves that reverberate.
No matter how big or small.

A ‘cause’ gives you the ingredients to ‘act out’ what will be your life’s lesson.

Without ‘cause and effect’, you would not learn and grow. An essential ingredient in any world.

‘The Effect’ – Reaction.

The ‘Effect’ delivers the desired outcome, be it known or unknown, be it intentional or not.
The ‘Effect’ will be felt by you or those in that 360 degree radius.
The ‘Effect’ will always be a perceptional one, as to know fully the impact, you would have to be able to see inside the person to have knowledge of what is playing out.
The ‘Effect’, whether positive or negative, gives to that one person a base to act out in whatever way that may be.
The ‘Effect’, if not fully recognised as a lesson brought to you for growth, will be lost and so it goes until you ‘get’ why the same lessons are given to you.

When the lesson of ‘The Cause and The Effect’ is recognised, you will become aware of the impact that has played out around you.

Parallel lives, past lives, are the sum total of where you ‘Stand’ in your life at this point.

Only as an enlightened being will you see beyond the day to day rhetoric.

The 180 degree turn is done by beginning to see the logic, beginning to see the ‘simplicity’ of it all.

There’s no magic wand, there’s no hidden agendas. There’s just ‘YOU’.

To look back and see what is not there will not give you your freedom of self.
To look at what IS will give you G.O.D./the Gift Of Design. (Universal Understanding)

This is So!