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The Blank Process


Just part of the process that moves you from one area to another.

It’s the go between in the self that once related to the part that doesn’t operate at the level it once did.
See it as a ‘resting station’ or place where you gather what you need to move forward into the part that operates one way, directly.

The BLANK PROCESS doesn’t enable you to focus on any parts of the self because of the higher level of vibration that is insinuating; it puts you in an altered state of awareness so you can move freely and operate freely within the range of feelings that are needed.

This BLANK PROCESS is a cut off point for time needed in the self, to adjust to new surroundings within that self that once allowed for impositions to feed it.

The BLANK PROCESS is also a ‘way point’ by which you gather your strengths for battles of self that will crop up from time to time.
It is a process where you are ‘tripping’, or ‘out of your body’ in a sense to rise above what is below.

This is so.