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Acceptance of Self


What does the “acceptance of self” really mean? 

It is part of the 5D inherent self.

The 3D inherent self cannot accept what it doesn’t know.

It can assume all levels of acceptance within its knowledge base of what acceptance is, but it is subjected to a belief within that society of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

For instance, a 3D society on the whole would never readily accept a complete turn about in thinking if it is ‘alien/foreign’ to that thought process.
To accept something outside of that process within the human condition would have an impact so great that it would put humanity back a million years.

The collective needs each other to come to an agreement of sorts that allows for that way of life to be the accepted way.

It doesn’t allow for the free thinkers to move freely within that generated society, it literally pushes them out of the way so that the continuum of that society is preserved.

What is acceptable in a 3D process allows for the victim to stay the victim, to play the martyr or to judge, as unreasonable, another way of seeing if it is outside the law of reason within that society.

It is a society based on others needs and the perception of those needs.

Every level of the 5D inherent self “ACCEPTS” and it “ACCEPTS” every level of the 3D inherent self.

It’s up to the 3D self to know that the 3D self will never accept anything outside that realm of understanding, it can’t.
The 5D inherent self accepts readily what it knows to be true within all the layers of all the selves.
It does not need to know the answers within that self because it already accepts who it is, why it is and where it is.

The 5D inherent self knows why the 3D has free will to choose the life it leads, but the 3D has the perception, that it has no free will in the 5D life, if it so chooses.
For the 3D to accept what is out of its range of perception, leaves that self in a “stale mate” situation, it cannot move knowingly or acceptingly in any direction.
The 5D inherent self on the other hand, knows exactly what moves to make away from the position/perception within the self, but has to wait until the time is right for that move to be made.
It will always be at a time when the 3D inherent self is ready to see.
It cannot force the 3D hand but will allow for the 5D inherent/accepted self to step forward.

This is what you are moving into at this time.
If you are not accepting of a situation, realize that it is coming from a 3D perception and non acceptance.
To understand this will lighten your “way” even further.

This is so.