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5D Lessons


How do the 5D lessons differ from the 3D lessons? 

» The True Self will iron out what the 3D self cannot.
» The True Self can only subject the Higher Self to lessons, as lessons of the 3D are learnt.
» The 3D lessons are subjected to what is around it in the 3D.
» The Higher Self is subjected to what is around it in the 5D.

The 3D lessons are associated with the 3D inherent self.
The 5D lessons are associated with 5D universal self.

Because of moving goal posts, the 3D self weighs up information and diarises it, puts it into where it is stored in the brain. Even though what is known in a universal way, the 3D self will sort itself out into what it can live with.

The 3D self, when coming into 5D understanding and way of being, can only assimilate what it knows as it knows it.
When 3D moves across into 5D it still has with it the logic of 3D. There is nothing wrong with this, as the 3D mechanisms are still operating.
It’s what sorts out the riff from the raff.
The five senses
of the human are still operating, doing what it has to, to keep the human machine functioning.

When coming into the 5D self, you still judge your actions or non-actions by a 3D process.
You are still doing the same day in, day out routine, same scene but the different view.

When the scene is the same but the view is expanded you become disorientated somewhat as you try to equate a 3D logic with the expanded 5D view.

The lessons given to the Higher Self from the True Self are contractual. They are in the way of direct contact.
They are pointed.

This is So.