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5D Inherent Self


» The 5D INHERENT SELF operates directly.
» The 5D INHERENT SELF communicates directly.
» The 5D INHERENT SELF knows the Truth of it.

The 5D Inherent Self, IS.
The 5D Inherent Self overrides the 3D.

The 5D inherent self provides the platform from where you operate and allows you to See.
The 5D inherent self is motivated only by the Source to which it is attached.
It does not seek to gain from others, it does not insinuate itself on others priorities.

It is Lore abiding.
It seeks to relinquish all ties that are foreign in nature and learns from the vast knowledge that it has been privy to.

The 5D inherent self has no leaning.

» It does not comply for complicity sake.

It allows you to experience all the benefits of a higher understanding and it gives you cart blanch in the realm of the Universal Lore. There is no place it cannot venture and its reasons are sound.

» It does not assume and does not expect, it lives co-jointly with the 3D inherited self and knows why the actions of that self are important to the growth of the 5D inherent self.

It sees in others what they do not see in themselves and appears to be above and outside the law in the 3D world.

» It assumes the 3D identity when a CRISIS in that self is imminent or is under attack by outside 3D forces or forces within the 3D self.

The 5D inherent self still allows for the juggling to continue within the 2 selves of the 3D, namely the little self and the bigger self, the one with knowledge and the other without.
This is indeed necessary in order for you to proceed forward.

You have to experience all parts to yourself initially, so that you can gain understanding of the mechanics.

What you are now entering into, the 5D Inherent Self, has many facets. You will experience many more parts of the 5D self that haven’t been available to you before. This is just another part of that greater process.

The ones around you, those of Universal understanding, will also go through changes in their house and demeanor. Understand that the connective tissue between you and them, moves into other areas also, as you move and grow into greater areas of understanding.

This is so.