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3D Worlds

Other 3D worlds and the young souls that inhabit those worlds. 

Parting company, as it were, from the ‘body of evidence’ that has become the prime mover in a sense, allows for misdirection. This misdirection informs that ‘body of evidence’ of the process that will now become part of a bio duct, which releases in its wake a recall to memory. This will have the affect of impeded travels for the young souls that are no longer hinged, to any ‘body of evidence’.

The departure from the young souls connected path then allows for other ‘targets’ to be implemented.
This will be in the way of tampered beginnings, as the young soul is then open to infiltrated means.

As a young soul moves through its channel to another inhabited world, it will come into contact with other beings who are moving at the same time, on the same level of growth. This then allows for an energy flow that will propel those young soul beings into another dimension for growth.
The growth of a being is reliant on how other beings interact with each other.
The interaction is in the way of imbedded knowledge.
This knowledge is gathered in the planes of existence where all beings are subjected to each others knowledge base.

Producing levels of awareness in young souls is achieved by their own abilities to see at higher frequencies than what was known to them before.
As each level of frequency is achieved, instruction can be delivered to them by the contact that has already been made in the way of the True Self connection.

A shift in vibration at this level of understanding is quickly converted to a dimensional shift.
A dimensional shift is what is known as growth in that young soul.
This can be repeated any number of times within small spaces in time.

When a young soul departs earth on its continued journey, it will be carried firstly to a ‘plane’. This will be for more instruction on that young soul's run, which is still continuing in the way of the soul’s journey.

If we are within the illusion of the 3D world, why is it necessary to have contact with other 3D worlds that are part of that illusion? 

The threads or line of communication are left open so that all are privy to the same knowledge of such an illusion.

The created illusion is by design, not by chance.

When you abide by the rules within the matrix, you are denied the privilege of sight, unless you become aware of such an illusion.

Every being that lives by the illusionary process is ill equipped to deal with what will befall it on departure of earth’s realm.
The knowledge gained along the way is not necessarily one of reality when still imbedded with the illusionary process.

When a young soul has moved from one illusion into another, it still maintains it’s position as it were, as it still doesn’t know any different.
This is why you have beings, droids roaming in earth’s realms as they do not see the reality of it all, just the illusion they have left behind.
When sent on their way it may still be within the confines of ‘planes’ where they will be under the scrutiny of Hierarchy.
If a young soul before its departure from earth realises that it is all an illusion and has learnt its lessons, what happens at that point? 

When a young soul is ready for an expanded view of itself, there will be a quick entry into higher dimensions of that same 3D world; at that point contracts are entered into with the surrogate true self of that being.
This will determine where it needs to be placed for future encounters, either into the same 3Dworld or other 3D worlds.
When a young soul is cognisant of the illusion in which it resides, the contracted run for soul growth is much easier at that level of understanding.
The lessons that it endures at other stages of living in a non aware status can seem harsh by other’s illusionary position of seeing. 

If the young soul is aware of the illusion, then the contract entered into will seem to be much easier to fulfil at that level of understanding. What about the young soul who is not aware of the illusion, are they still invited into other contracts with new soul beings/true self?

Yes, this is the case, but we refer to these ones as “second run” young souls, as the illusion is still viewed as reality and therefore a much harder road to tread. 

If this 3D world consists of the height, breadth and width what does the 5D world consist of? 

The 3D world has everything contained within the confines of its structure. It does not allow in that creation to see outside of itself.
When moving into the realm of the 5D world, you are given an expanded view of all that is within the structure and all that is beyond.
In the expanded view you are given the knowledge of the Grand Order of Design and are privy to the Gift of Design, which encompasses all that you ever were and beyond.

The 5D world does not leave anything to the illusionary mind, instead it opens up to the reality of who and what you really are.

This is so.