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The 3D Self, Does Not Make the 5D Being

The 3D self doesn’t matter.

The 3D self was only born because of the existence of droids.

It was the contract of every “being” to get back to the 5D self.

» The 3D world is a nursery planet.
» The 3D world was set up to see if “beings” could bring to the droids more of who they were.
»The 3D world was designed to bring about change in the direction of droids and see beyond their earthly existence.

When “beings” were brought to earth they were in pure form, they were not tainted by the 3D in any way.
As old history shows, the ways of man were well and truly entrenched in themselves.
Beings were cast amongst the droids to enact contracts and bring about the connection that was theirs to know.

The beings eventually gave way to the tainted belief of droids and were lost to themselves.

Because the nursery planet had failed to deliver droids unto themselves and failed to keep beings in pure form, the higher self was born.
The higher self in beings gave them the connection to their pure form again, the True Self.
A harder road this time for beings to climb over taught beliefs of an earthly kind, but the only way back.

The 3D self has no place in that pure form. The 3D self does not vibrate with that form and the 3D self does not equate with 5D reasoning.

The two do not mix, never will.

If the 3D thinks it knows, then it doesn’t.

The 3D self is only with you for 3D purposes, it is the droid part of the self that has insinuated and does not want to let go.

When beings were brought to your earth and were eventually inflicted with the same traits as droids, it changed the direction that earth would travel.

3D history would change the face of earth.
3D history would bring about the destruction that would be theirs to know

Asti, Morphi and Malai have been brought together for the New History and have had to climb over the 3D self to get back to the 5D being in pure form with no leanings.

» The 3D self cannot make the 5D “get it”.
» The 3D self has no part to play in the 5D “getting it”.
» The 3D self only hinders the path that the 5D needs to take.

The 3 came to themselves by accepting that the 5D is separate from 3D in thought, seeing and doing.

Thought in the 5D:
Is the divested baggage of ALL 3D thought with agendas.
Thought in the 5D allows that self constant connection on the higher consciousness level at all times.
Thought in 5D does not allow for the being to enter into the lessons of the 3D.

Seeing in 5D:
Is the observation with no leanings.
5D seeing allows for bigger learning, bigger knowledge and bigger teachings to emerge.
5D seeing doesn’t allow the 3D to enter that realm of seeing.

Doing in the 5D:
Is the ALLOWING of whatever comes your way.
When the 5D chooses to live moment to moment, it doesn’t allow for the 3D to take control of how things should be done.
In the doing there is no thought, you just do.
In the just doing, the realization of not doing doesn’t apply.

» The 3D self has no part to play in the 5D being.
» The 3D self has to be left behind in order to hear what the 5D being knows.

What you have built in the 3D life is not of the 5D.
The 5D is not bound by 3D loyalties, it sees beyond those ties that bind.

The 5D knows the TRUTH. (The 3D self only thinks it does)

The 3D self, is a separate entity unto itself.
Realise that the work done on the 3D self is only at the expense of the 3D self not the 5D being.
The 5D being awaits but will only be SEEN and FELT when you recognise that to get to that self will not be through the 3D.

To accept that the 3D self doesn’t know, is all that is required.
Once you accept that you can’t get to the 5D self via the 3D self, you would have gained ALL THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.

As simple as that.

This is so