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3 Selves

How many Selves does it take to be YOU?

3 Selves is what it takes
3 Selves to participate.
3 Selves to equate, rationalise and summarise

To understand the self, you need to see from a universal view.

  How do you do this, if it is not your chosen path?
Then we will say impossible, as you will see everything from a physical 3-D perspective, it will only give you a limited view, in a 3-D way.

To seek understanding, universally, does not mean you are more evolved, or more godly, it means that you choose to step back and let yourself be open to a clearer way of seeing. Without putting judgements, conditions or interpretations in place.
How does one come to a point in themselves where they can allow themselves to accept something which is outside of their own logic, their own understanding?

If it is said, that the “little self’, the self that has the emotions, the esteem, the control, the say, the way, the thought, the part that inherits, the part that takes on board judgements and itself judges, the part that loves, hates, the part of you which is compassionate and discompassionate, the part that rationalises – the “little self’’ which is influenced, indoctrinated to conform, to obey, is governed by it’s earthly laws – is within a square.

That self is the one which you live with EVERYDAY, the self that can self destruct, if it has a mind to.
It fears, fear itself, it is a self which can climb into itself, or over itself.

The “self”, a formidable companion, one that can hold on for dear life, what it knows, what it is comfortable with, what it only wants to see, be it tangible or not. To be in that “little self”, self will only give you limitations of self, if it is indulged.

Do not confuse what we say with intellect or push the boundaries of that intellect in a 3-D physical sense to understand what we will begin to say – as your intellect has nothing to do with universal unlimitedness and everything to do with tapping into that other self – the “higher self” or “bigger self”, the self that is the all encompassing self, the self that is visible, that is seen, that is contactable, that is just as “real” as the “little self”, is but with One major difference. It is the SELF which knows you best, it knows ALL there is to know, without judgements, conditions, without limitations, it is not plagued with low self esteem, not worthy or good enough, it doesn’t intellectualise, it just IS.

It is the part of you which is the most tangible, it is the part of you which can be felt, it feels like a good friend, a sincere friend, one that tells you the Truth, doesn’t lie, it’s the part that allows unhindered decisions, it gives you choices with clear intent, it’s the part of you that KNOWS, that just knows.
It’s the part of you that feels a higher compassion, a higher love, a higher self worth.
It is your HIGHER SELF.

  How do you get from little self to “HIGHER SELF”?
We will tell you, it is as simple as asking for that higher connection.
Everyone has free will after all, have their own choices. We do not take that from anyone.
The journey from little self to bigger self, higher self is an enlightening one, as you visit parts to you that have never been seen before. We say journey, as it takes you on twists and turns. It shows you places within yourself that you have been “without”.

That higher universal connection is not airy fairy, it is as solid as a rock, or as liquid as water. It’s how you see it that makes it so.
So, to interpret what has been given to you, is your choice to do so. It gets back to how strong your “little self” is and how limited you are in that self – this is not a judgement, but universally speaking, the truth of it.

To see outside the square gives you everything, to live inside the square gives you boxes.

The True Being you are waits, it has waited this long, it has waited lives, upon lives, upon lives.
Maybe, just maybe, this time, this life, you were meant to “get it”, ever thought of that.
We leave you in love everlasting.

This is So!