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Who are M.A.M. ?

They are 3 individuals who’s lives have crossed paths to bring them together to give the message of how it is and was meant to be.
They are here to give the message that was originally misinterpreted by the one’s who sought to have power and control. Their lives were turned upside down and inside out, to bring them to this point of discovery.

We are 3 energy beings who have been put on Earth to impart the Universal information that has up until this time not seen the light of day.

Malai - Translation.
Asti - Enaction.
Morphi - Scribe.

Where do we go from here?
We go to a world that has not existed before.
We go to a belief system that is of a universal nature.
We go to an understanding of ourselves that we have never known.
We go towards a universality of understanding never before revealed to us.
We go towards the TRUE meaning of what is known as ‘The Christ Consciousness’.
We go towards the Way.
We go towards the truth.
We go towards the truth that is universal that is within each of us and which is our source, the Divine Perfect Plan, ‘God’.
We go towards the understanding of it all.

Why is this to occur?
Simply put, it is the right time.

If we were to look at the world around us, we would see a world of great variety, and much promise. A world of potentials never dreamed of, a world of no limits.
So why do we place limits on it, and ourselves?
Is it because we are afraid of what we do not know?
Is it because we limit in order to feel we are in control?
Is it because we are comfortable with what we know, and fear knowledge will destroy that comfort?
Is it because we fear change?
Is it because we fear ourselves?
Is it because we simply fear, fear it self?

Ask yourself these questions and see how you answer them.
Ask yourself are you comfortable with your answers.
Ask yourself to be truly honest with yourself.

Can you answer these questions, honestly? If not, why?
Is it because you have never thought about it?
If that is the case, why not?

How do you see yourself, and your relationship with those around you, the world around you and the universe that you are a part of?
Have you no interest in anything outside your immediate circle?
Do you think that anything that exists outside of this circle has no relevance, or effect upon you?
Is it your understanding that you are somehow separate from the universe?
Or is it just too big a concept to contemplate.

Regardless how you think, you are a part of it all, a totally essential part of it all.
Everything you do, everything you say, everything you think, has an effect, on everything, and of course everyone around you. How could you not? Only by the limits that have been placed upon you by society, what you have been taught and you have accepted as being the truth.
You all have minds that are limitless, you all have the ability to explore and access your true capabilities of which you are not aware unless you make a choice to do so.
The universe is available to you, but first you have to find you. For without this basic key, what you will find you would be doubtful of. If you are seeking universal truths, first you must find the truth of what you are, as an individual.

How do you in truth see yourself, not in relation to anyone else, not by anyone else’s opinion of you, not by how your job defines you, not how your family sees you and you see yourself in that situation or any other.
What do you think you are, as a human being? What constitutes you?

These are questions that will bring you back to the very essence, the very truth of yourself and of course your connection with the universe. You have to start somewhere, it may as well be the beginning.

Abandon all of your ideas as to what you have been told about the world you live in, at best they are half truths, at worst, complete fabrications. The truth will not be found in the popular literature of your times, or in the interpretations of the historic. The truths that are known have been hidden from public scrutiny for they are inconvenient reminders for those that control, that there is a greater agenda, which is out of human control. The time is fast approaching when these truths, and so many more will be released. You need to prepare yourselves, as individuals, to be able to accept what you would at this point see as the unacceptable. To do this you must be completely sure of what you are, as an individual, and know full well your strengths and weaknesses. Your reliance upon the structures you have grown up to accept as solid will leave you out on a limb, as their solidarity will be seriously brought into question and in so doing so will yours. You would be lost.

The very essence of your concept of yourself is about to be challenged as you move forward into the new world, which is already upon you. You probably have noticed the pace of life around you seems to be getting quicker and quicker, little time for yourself, little time for others in your life, there always seems to be something that is more pressing, some new input to distract you from you. There is always an external stimulus never an internal one. See what is happening, you are being taken further and further away from yourself, towards an almost robotic existence, driven from the outside, not from you.

The process is not obvious, as the greater majority of you are enmeshed in this way of thinking. You are mesmerised by the technology that you are constantly bombarded with and you are all accepting of it for you do not want to appear different or strange, or dare we say it, old fashioned. This acceptance is driven by the trust you have in others to tell you what is good for you, that this is the life that is best suited to you. Surely an abrogation of responsibility to self, and what you really need, as an individual.
You take it for granted that others have your best interests at heart, how could you be sure of this? What gives them this ability? Where did it come from? Are they more intelligent than you? We do not think so. You have simply assumed this, and why, because you have been told.

You see, you put your trust in any one and anything of a physical nature on your world, but you do not trust yourself. You assume that there are others that can do it better than you. Why is this so? Simply, your society tells you this, and you believe it, and in doing so you see yourself as being limited, based upon an external judgement of yourself that you have accepted as true.
This you can see, if you look, in the way you are taught, educationally, socially and spiritually. Limits and boundaries everywhere you turn. There are always negative reinforcements around you, rather that positive ones.
You are not taught to see you, as the individual that you are, the unique, individual that is really you.

Having said this, we understand your possible confusion as to what you think life is. And as you see in physical form what lies outside yourself as being the only tangible manifestation, you think that is all that can be understood. Well what about your feelings, what about your thoughts, what about your senses of taste, smell and touch. These things are not visible; they are not tangible, yet you know that they exist. How do you know this?, Is this an assumption that it just is? Is it because you feel that these things are unknowable? Is it because you think there is no way you, could ever know?.

All these questions only serve to show you that the answers to them may not lay where you are looking, in other words, the perception you call the physical world around you. We use the word perception, because it is again how you see it with the equipment you have. And the equipment you design and build to see it, based on how you think it works. All machinery based upon this thought process, in other words based upon a perception of reality, will only be a poor copy of the original, for the original perception lacks all the information required to know the truth.

The truth, however, is accessible not by looking out , but by looking in. By this we mean the process of finding the truth of what you are as a spirit contained within a physical body. The true self which does not rely upon the limited perceptional attributes of the physical body. This spiritual self, for want of another term, for there are many names for it, is your link with everything there is, and of course, the truth of life.

The way to access this truth is to throw off the shackles of limited thought and conditioning as to what you think you are, and to release yourself, firstly to the being you really are, and then the information will flow as to the truth of life, and your place in it.

The direction you are all headed in, and the questions we posed at the beginning of this preamble are the basic information to start your journey to your new world future and the truth of understanding that will come with it. You will have to be equipped with the knowledge, the true knowledge about what you are, in the truest sense for you to understand your future world. You have the ability now, it is contained within, it always has been, and you just have to access it. The true you is just waiting to talk to the you of limited perception, if you like, little self grows to big self, as a child grows to an adult, little knowing, to the greatest wisdom and in the process, your future unfolds as you create it.

Truth revealed, New World is born.